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One of the most important benefits of aerobic exercise and fitness among others is a stronger heart, the Case Medical Hospital, Kampala says. The heart is a muscle and must be exercised regularly for optimal function. Strong and healthy hearts don’t need to work as hard or beat as fast as weaker hearts. Strong heart function enables the heart to more efficiently pump blood-enriched oxygen to all cells in the body. (Remember, the Heart is the engine of the body).

In General terms, the following are benefits of attending aerobics;

  1. A very strong healthy functioning heart which is like the Central government of the body system, when the heart stops working, the person just dies.

A stronger healthy and functioning heart will brings improved blood Circulation in the body.This will result into;

  1. Increased maximal cardiac output (amount of blood pumped every minute).
  2. Increased maximal stroke volume (amount of blood pumped with each beat).
  • Increased blood volume and ability to carry oxygen.


  1. Reduced workload on the heart (myocardial oxygen consumption) for any given sub maximal exercise intensity.
  2. High levels of the strongest body immunity which removes the chances of falling sick from time to time. It is a 24/7 full version functioning body immunity system).
  3. Low levels of the would be heavy hospital medical bills because a participants will take long time to fall sick. A person who is ever up and down doing work will be much safer he / she will be at the work or one the road than in garage treating themselves.
  4. Aerobics prevents and reduces on the would be negative impact of medically un recommended items like Sodas, Sugar, Red meat, Cooking Oils, Tomato sauce, biscuits, Sweets  and factory packed juices which are made with lots of artificial chemicals that are not good for the body.   This bringsimproved glucose tolerance and reduced insulin resistance.
  5. It burns fats through the quick blood flow, reducing the risks of heart & kidney failures.
  6. Sure availability of enough and sufficient oxygen supply in the body.
  7. Improved and best self-defense drills are acquired in aerobics.
  8. High levels of creativity leading to creation of multiple solutions for several challenges. The company offers creative aerobics to add something challenging to motivate the mind of a participant.
  9. It increases and improves intimacy between lovers year after year (just because partners are in position to train and learn what their friends wish to enjoy).
  10. General body fitness levels are improved.
  11. Ever improving shortened healing process in case someone falls sick.
  12. Stress is killed and this helps you to live longer and happily.
  13. Improved Body Weight Control /Failure to swiftly manage your body is very dangerous to the body carrier.
  14. Aerobics makes you look like 7-10 years young than your actual age (Stay active and independent as you age).
  15. Less pain for ladies during the time of delivering a baby because Flexibility of your body bones increases.
  16. Better sleep (reduce the use of pills for those who cannot sleep un less they take sleeping tabs).
  17. Strengthens the body respiratory system.
  18. It gives resistance against viral illnesses.
  19. Manage chronic (never-ending) conditions I the body.
  20. Keep your arteries clear and this means blood flow will move un interrupted to planned destinations.
  21. Lower heart rate and blood pressure at any level of sub maximal exercise.
  22. Increased threshold/ entry for lactic acid accumulation.
  23. Lower resting systolic and diastolic blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.
  24. And So Much More as Testified By The Jurncture George Serugunda. Others benefits and detailed explanations can be got from him (JURNCTURE G.S.)

Fitness Instructor / Aerobics Coach / Wellness Trainer /Senior Administrator@ Makerere University Business School (Principal’s Office).



  1. Weight Loss, Weight Control, Tummy Loss (size & Shape).
  2. Back / Spinal code flexibility & Strengthening.
  3. INSANITY Programme Program (60 Day Full Body Transformation to the body shape you desire).
  4. Aerobics for Pregnant mothers and Aerobics after giving birth /Postnatal Aerobics.
  5. Creative self Defense, flexibility Aerobics for all age categories.
  6. One to one Special Aerobics classes for special cases and life styles.
  7. Diet Driven Aerobics.




  1. Jurncjessicah Innovations 777 Uganda limited has fully registered with all the relevant bodies like KCCA, URA, and PPDA (Pre-qualified with PPDA) to avoid delays based on missing vital documents. This means Jurncjessicah is ready to offer this service to the public in full swing. KCCA trading license, PPDA Certificate, &Tax Identification Number. This means we are real and very serious. These documents are available on request or call for a hardcopy on +256772860756/ +256705922253/ +256772501242 we shall be there.


  1. The Senior Trainer in Jurncjessicah is perceived to be a supermarket of aerobics skills, and thins means the company has not given room for gambling but a room for developmental experience.


  1. Jurncjessicah Innovations they do record their own music at different speed to match it with interests of the participants of different capabilities. Participants can bring their own music from their different religious faiths and different tastes and preferences and Jurncjessicah records it in an aerobics consumable format that will add a smile in the mind of the participant.


  1. The Senior Trainer /Team leader is so highly passionate with aerobics, highly committed to the company’s promises, objectives and goals, a culture that is passing over to everyone within the company to ensure 100% client’s satisfaction such that when you are attracted, you are retained as a results of us meeting your expectations. We always aim at doing things to our best which is an internal drive for us to ensure that can offer the best to all our clients.


  1. Jurncjessicah Aerobics is run on a 100% Business Model Approach meaning that we mind a lot to satisfy our clients such that the following day we get business from them.


  1. Jurncjessicah Aerobics focuses on values for a client’s money; we do not take a client for granted after attracting them to our club.


  1. Jurncjessicah Aerobics is highly creative and innovative to kill possibilities of boredom regular participants.


  1. The senior trainer moves with mobile music to supplement the aerobics training. He also moves with simple but relevant trenching mats such that if the ground is not suitable for the direct stretches we use those mats for stretches.


  1. Jurncjessicah Aerobics is highly customized to different participants with specific needs in terms of age, music type, music speed, duration timing.


  1. Training people and get the desired results has always been one of the prime goal for Jurncjessicah. When anybody gets a chance to train with us, the results obtained will motivate the satisfied clients to sale us through the word of mouth and there after we shall shine as we get more clients.


  1. Jurncjessicah uses door to door aerobics, meaning that the trainers will be coming to the organization sites / venue of convenience and offer aerobics in a selected venue chosen by users. This offers an opportunity to some members who might not be able to train in the usual local GYMs / Healthy clubs; an arrangement can be made to train top and middle management level managers at selected venue even over the weekends and passed working hours a flexibility you can take advantage of.


  1. The Senior Trainer in Jurncjessicah Branded Jurncture has a natural passion for aerobics and he is ever researching to keep clients ever happy ventureful. We ever have something new for you.



  1. We take into account and care of the 1st time aerobics participants and elevate them to greater skills as they keep coming to class and with time make them move with those who joined earlier. Jurncjessicah Aerobics takes care of the new participants to bring them one the board which is not available with other training companies.


  1. Jurncjessicah Aerobics is focused on results generations, not just aerobics.


  1. The Aerobics Trainers in Jurncjessicah Innovations are highly focused, committed, dependable and reliable.


  1. The Senior Aerobics Coach in Jurncjessicah is a self-styled Trainer who created his own highly productive features of both Aerobics and acrobatics which has given him a competitive edge over other trainers as he offers a balanced diet of aerobics consumables for high breed aerobics result outcomes.


  1. Jurncjessicah Aerobics values a lot customer care and the company has that personal touch with its clients.


  1. We offer specific aerobics services to people with specific private challenges like people who are suffering from some of the challenges on a one to one basis if someone feels uncomfortable doing aerobics with others.


  1. Jurncjessicah Senior Aerobics Coach Jurncture, he takes a video coverage of his clients at a certain agreed time after realizing that the majority have leant the skills and after a video coverage every member is given a free DVD for motivating them, for marking themselves as they view it and also to file that DVD in their life contribution folder for future reference to have the good mummeries.


  1. The Senior Trainer is the only Ugandan who has so far video covered all his aerobics classes and he has always shared copies with his clients. So far he has created over 25 DVD volumes in a period of 7 years when he decided to take aerobics as an activity that can benefit the state meaning that if is given a contact your records recording aerobics will be filed and remembered even in future.
  2. The company can train different categories of companies separately to allow maximum participation of people with different age groups or different workout capacities.


  1. We do record attendance for future reference for members to benefit from each other as for company we keep data base for our clients for purposes of making a follow up on specific needs and for updating members on anything that can be introduced or new arrivals or any new developments.


  1. The Senior Trainer in Jurncjessicah Innovations loves so much to add value to the lives of participants by creating a unique type of training that will be remembered in the lives of all the members which will eventually be a gain to both individuals and companies or organizations where these people work. The participants of ouraerobics will have high durable quality of life that will not be easily challenged by the common life challenges that interfere with lives of people who would have suffered due to insufficient exercise and wellness programmes.


  1. The company has unique creative acrobaticsthat is available via or call for a hardcopy on +256772860756/ +256705922253/ +256772501242 we shall be there. These include Creative Acrobatics like-  walking on the wire / Wire walk  (no Magic, just perfect balance and logic), dressing all clothes including shoes on a bicycle without a stand, full preparations of tea on a bicycle without a stand, picking a bottle of soda with teeth on a bicycle without a stand, riding a bicycle in a reverse mode, body balancing tactics, logical strategic questions that keep the brains very alert and force the head to always think outside the box and others along that line.

NB:  You can also call us for  face to face negotiations for aerobics training services and live demonstration to members for them to really discover that we do different from other who offer / consume aerobics.

We will be delighted if got you or your company to engage us for Aerobics   Training Services.


Yours Faithfully,



George Serugunda

Senior Aerobics Coach @ Jurncjessicah Innovations 777 Uganda Limited

Senior Administrator @ Makerere University Business School (Principal’s Office)

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